Omniweb Ltd

Omniweb Ltd is a web development and digital services agency based in Surrey within the M25 orbital motorway around London.

The company specialises in sports web site design although it has a large number of clients in other business sectors.

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  • Address: Peace Cottage, Ship Hill
    Tatsfield, Surrey TN16 2AH.
  • Phone: +44 (0) 1883 722 650
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Business Websites

Build your brand and your business on the internet.


Omniweb design, program and host business and ecommerce web sites.

We took the experience learned building web sites for top sports brands and applied these to web sites for small, medium and large companies.

Our aim is to grow traffic, sales and business for our clients and also act as a marketing back stop to busy marketing directors.

We build attractive, accessible sites to the latest industry standards that will cope now and in the future and will scale with your success.

We build sites to which you can add content, including images, documents and even audio and video content to. If you don’t want to update the site yourself, we can do it for you.

We can follow your brand guidelines, take design briefs from your designers, or build something from scratch. We work with start-up companies and can develop a corporate identity if it is required.

We can build mobile sites, Facebook pages, Facebook Apps, mobile phone Apps.

We can design, broadcast and manage targeted email campaigns for you, or give you the tools to do this yourself.

We build sites that are attractive to search engines and that follow accessibility guidelines.


On-line Sales
Omniweb has a great deal of experience in selling on line. We can build online shops that have thousands of products or shops that just have one or two. We can supply all the tools you need to manage your products and to track your orders.

The online merchandise system has full sales analysis of all orders and can be used in conjunction with Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems and can be connected to stock control systems and fulfilment house systems for automated shipping.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a great brand and a fantastic new web site is all well and good, but if you cannot be found on the search engines it is not going to bring you much business. Building a web site that is designed to give search engines the structured information that they need to properly index the information helps tremendously. The Omniweb team has a lot of experience in getting web sites in to the first page of search results.

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to edit the contents of your web site using a web browser and an internet connection.

We can adapt this to suit your working environment and build custom modules for you.

We already have modules for recruitment, property, hotel bookings, holidays, chalet / villa bookings and even a social media site.

The CMS give you the ability to create, edit and delete pages. We design the layout of the page and you add the text and pictures.

The system takes the high resolution image straight from a camera and automatically re-sizes it to produce all the different sizes and crops needed for the web site. You can also add PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint Files and a complete range of audio and video formats. Illustrator, EPS and other graphic files not supported by web browsers, are also converted automatically into images suitable for use on a web page.

The CMS has tools for creating news stories, blogs, forms, surveys,- all be created easily by staff with minimal training.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / Contact Database

Unusually, the Omniweb CMS also has powerful tools to manage data collected by the web site. Any checkout, or form automatically updates the CRM giving you a snapshot of each visitor and how often he/she interacts with the site.

Your staff can update and add entries as clients contact the club.

Even if you have an existing CRM system, you can export the contact information from the web site. You can also import from other databases into the Omniweb CRM.

Email Marketing

There are two ways we can help:

Manual Emails
Omniweb can design and build email(s) for you and can broadcast them on your behalf. Omniweb can also clean email lists and take out duplicates. It is also possible to live test the list to see which email addresses actually work. When you are happy with the design it will be broadcast for you. Also the emails can be personalised, if name data is available.

Html Email Broadcasts Directly From the CRM
Omniweb's email system allows you to easily build an attractive email with pictures and links back to your web site. This can be test-sent to check the content and layout. Once you are happy with the result you can broadcast this email to the contacts in the CRM database who have agreed to receive information from you.

With the list builder module, you can build targeted lists using criteria, such as product purchased or county etc.

Once an email has been broadcast, all “opens” and “reads” are logged in the system. Each time an email is read, CRM database is updated for that individual showing when the article was read. This means that you can statistically analyse your e-mail reads to find the most effective time / day to send them on.

Each ezine broadcast is logged to a text file. Each ezine also contains links back to that person’s CRM entry so they can manage their account and unsubscribe, or update their contact details at will.

Social Networking

Want a presence for your company on social media sites? It is easy to create a Facebook or Twitter page. It is also easy to add likes and shares to promote pages on social media.

We now have modules to allow Facebook / Twitter users to log on to members area using their Facebook or Twitter credentials. We can convert, with the owner’s permission, their contact information so that it is added to the club web site CRM.


All our sites are built to the latest industry standards. We also try to work to the latest guidelines on accessibility for people with vision, hearing or motor-function difficulties.

Multi-Lingual Sites

Omniweb sites can be built to support multiple languages and alphabets.